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Themed Niche Site Templates

These are ready-made minisites and design templates for your web pages. They include header, footer, navigation bar and various other stylistic elements so you do not have to go and pay hundreds of dollars to a graphic designer to create these for you. (Generally the images come in .jpg and .psd format.)

The minisites typically contain 5 to 10 pages of content in html, doc and/or php format, a site template and images in .jpg and .psd format. You can use them in much the same way you would use a site template, as a starting point for a larger content site -- or as an expanded sales site.

What You Get in a Typical Package:


NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Website Creation




Premium Niche 8 Pack


Get Your Fully Loaded 8 Premium Blogs Plus 8 Stunning Minisite Designs Plus Content Packs!

Great for internet business and internet marketing!


Includes Blogs & Sites For:
Blogging Income, Email Cash System, Get Your Ex Back, Organic Gardening, Social Profits, Online Money Plan, Affiliate Profits, & Traffic Supercharge.


Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights To This Content.





Heavy Metal Marketing

Quality Guru-Style Minisite Templates!

When it comes to marketing your products online, nothing is worse than attempting to do everything yourself – and I mean EVERYTHING!

It’s bad enough just putting an eBook together and writing up a sales page. It’s bad enough just setting up your site with your own PayPal button and getting that linked to your download page!

Well, whilst I can’t promise an easy solution to have everything done for you, I can provide you with the graphics already done to make your life easier!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or are completely new to the internet, you’ll know that graphics help SELL a product. I don’t care what you’re selling – words alone can only do so much, but graphics will help your visitors decide if they want to stay on your website and read your sales copy or leave there and then.

Good graphics represent you, your business and what you’re selling. If your site looks tacky, and looks like a home-improvement botched job, what impression does that leave about your product?

It doesn’t matter how good your sales copy is, how valuable your product actually is, or what other people are saying through your testimonials, or even if you’re offering a LIFETIME guarantee. No one would care if your graphics don't WOW your visitors first and foremost!

Make no mistake about it: Graphics are your top priority when it comes to building an online presence. That is where this package comes in.

Here Is What You Get:

7 complete mini-site graphic packages which you can modify with your product or business name.

Each mini-site pack comes complete with:

  • A medium size box

  • A spiral bound report

  • A paperback book image

  • A CD

  • A package graphic of all of the above

  • Header

  • Footer

  • Mid-section

  • Johnson Box

  • Testimonial box

  • Guarantee box

  • Tick Boxes in 3 sizes

  • 4 Call-to-action buttons including... 'buy-now', 'sign-up now', 'add to cart', and 'tell-a-friend' button

  • 8 animated banners in all standard sizes

You’ll also receive the FLATTENED PSDs and fonts that will allow you to add your own product name or domain name onto the templates.

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights To This Package.



Clean Landing Page Templates

Here you get 44 templates, buy now buttons, checks, arrows, plus 4 sites with different themes.

In total over 200 images.


Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights To This Package.



Minisite Geek

Grab your Minisite, Wordpress Themes, Squeeze page/landing Page, Video Squeeze Page, product Review Page, in a super short time - without having to make you reach into deep pockets, the monitor, and the keyboard, but without a CPU, they can’t do anything but power up and turn on.

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights



125 Professional Business Header Template Package

Incredible collection of great header templates, designed for the internet marketing!

125 Business Headers With Psd Files

Master Resell Rights!



10 OTO Templates
Get Your Hands On These 10 Brand New Never Seen Before One-Time Offer Templates!
If You'd Like To Use The Templates For Yourself As Well As Sell Them Or Give Them Away To Build Your List, Here Is A Very Special Offer For You To Pickup Master Resell Rights.
  • 10 Brand new never seen before One Time Offer templates.
  • Easy to use, eye catching templates, for your website!

Master Resale Rights 



5 Website Templates

5 MiniSite templates with professionally designed Header, Footer, Product Box, Testimonial Box, Video Testimonial Box, Bullets, and Buy Button.

Private Label Rights



Eight Minisite Templates

Eight brand new mini site templates. All eight of the templates are perfect for your business and each contain a built in subscribe box.

Private Label Rights




5 Smokin Hot Video Squeeze Templates

5 Seriously awesome super-cool Tricked out Video squeeze pages.

So, we build a list, or a RELATIONSHIP, and then we have our nice monthly income. Easy, right? Well, no. How do you GET people to subscribe to your list? You could offer an ebook, or a free course, or an interview. Great! But why not use video?

Video and list-building. Two solid rocks of the Internet marketing World.

Master Resale Rights


500 Instant Templates Articles

All 500 Accompanying Instant Templates Articles Are Delivered in 3 Different Formats (TEXT, HyperVRE, HTML)

  • 5 Articles for each of the 100 Templates!!!

Master Resale Rights



Miscellaneous Templates available:


3 Minisites, 15 Internet Marketing Templates, 15 Marketing Templates, 4 Landing Page Templates


The template/sites listed above are included in the download file.




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