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Themed Niche Site Templates

These are ready-made minisites and design templates for your web pages. They include header, footer, navigation bar and various other stylistic elements so you do not have to go and pay hundreds of dollars to a graphic designer to create these for you. (Generally the images come in .jpg and .psd format.)

The minisites typically contain 5 to 10 pages of content in html, doc and/or php format, a site template and images in .jpg and .psd format. You can use them in much the same way you would use a site template, as a starting point for a larger content site -- or as an expanded sales site.

What You Get in a Typical Package:


NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Getting Started


Internet Business Blog

Blog comes preloaded with:

  • Wordpress - Each blog uses the latest version of Wordpress. Everything is handled from within the blog admin area so you can add new pages and categories easily - no need for any separate software or html design skills.

  • 20 PLR Articles - these are high quality articles and have never been published prior to this amazing offer.

  • Its own logo - you will also receive PSD files for easy editing and a great video tutorial that will guide you through all the steps.

  • Its own design - every blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement of ads and functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy on the readers eyes

  • Video page - the latest and most relevant videos from YouTube that are related to the website niche have also been added to keep your visitors educated and entertained.

  • SEO - Every blog is search engine friendly including the proper use of tags to permalinks.

Blog has been optimized to the highest level for:

  • Adsense - the color blended 300x250 Adsense block has been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 468x60 blocks in the individual posts. This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great stream of passive income.

  • Clickbank - the highest converting Clickbank products have been hand picked and added to each blog - you will receive up to 75% commission for each sale generated from your blog.

  • Amazon - thousands of people make killer incomes from Amazons aStore script and you should be too! Using an easily manageable tool a fully functioning Amazon affiliate store has been integrated into each of the blogs.

Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights To This Package.



Other Templates available:


Getting Started - Getting Started Online, Internet Marketing-Online Business


The template/s listed above are included in the download file.




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