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PLR Niche Reports

Want to create powerful, profit producing content for your business in minutes... without writing a word? Our private label niche reports are the answer!
All of our reports come in zipped packs, that include: WORD docs, PDF docs, and several professionally designed cover graphics. These reports make terrific bonuses and subscription lead generators!


You can use these reports in any way you like: combine them into your own ebooks, use them as website content, break them up into separate articles for newsletters, or just use them as is as bait to get prospect's opt-in info!


What You Get in a Typical Package:





NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Website Creation



WebHosting Profits

You don't need to know a line of technical code nor even understand how Linux Servers work before you can become a webhost.

In this short report, all the salient points will be covered and in a few minutes from now, you will be totally ready to start offering webhosting services to customers.

Here are the topics covered to get you started fast:

  • How To Choose A Good Webhost

  • What To Buy As A Starter

  • How To Setup Hosting Packages

  • How To Create Webhosting Accounts for Customers

  • How To Manage Customers

  • Getting Help When Stuck

  • Creating Sales Pitches That Attract Customers

  • How To Add Domain Name Registration Services

Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights To This Report In PDF Format, Word (DOC) File and Professional Graphics.




Content Development Skills

The Internet is full of content. Some content is great and some of it is just good. Some content is mediocre and some is plainly bad - very, very bad.

Web content provides information for those in need of it, entertainment for those want it, inspiration for those searching for it and education for those who desire it.

'Surfing the Web' suggests that an internet user steps rather blindly onto the information super highway with hopes that they'll end up somewhere interesting.

We've all been there and done that in our explorations of the web - surfed from one link to the next in search of distraction. But more often - an internet user is on a search for something they want, need or deeply crave.

There is a chasm between those who add valuable content to the web and those who use keyword stuffed content only to suck in as many visitors as possible. Marketers on both sides of this wide canyon would like to profit from their content, but they have different strategies and goals for their efforts.

Marketers that want to build an internet business that is both profitable and adds value to the web as a whole will find that the business they build stands the test of time and provides long term income.



Breakthrough Sales Solutions

Your website is your virtual real estate. You're about to discover 30 sure fire ways to maximize your profit from every square inch!

Do you feel like your spinning your wheels and going no where in this "game"? It's not a game any more. It's your job and you won't face any more problems because here's the Solutions! 

101 Conversion Rate Tips and Tricks

How to Turn Website Browsers Into Buyers.

Resale Rights only.



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