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Multi-Media with Rights!

Video is HOT These days. What better way to learn a skill or concept than to have it shown to you step-by-step.

In our Multi-Media section, we offer you numerous video tutorial selections and series that come with private label, master resale or resale rights. We also offer many informative audio selections (mostly in mp3 format), which also come with resale rights.

You are, of course, free to profit off of the marketing of these videos, but I urge you to also take full advantage of the great content in them as well.

What You Get in a Typical Package:




NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Website Creation


Easy Graphics 101

Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Create And Edit Professional Graphics

It Doesn't Matter If You're Not Tech Savvy. Simply Watch Over My Shoulder, Step By Step, And Click By Click, How You Can Create Beautiful Designs And Graphics...

If you are running an online business, then most likely you need a website or some sort of landing page.

Graphics editing is a vital skill needed to run your business. While yes you can outsource it, if you understood basic editing skills, you could save money, and time waiting around for a simple job to be done quickly.

  • How would you like to create and edit your own graphics in just minutes?

  • Are you avoiding the thought of graphics editing because you think it's too technical?

  • Are you worried, you will lose valuable time trying to figure it out?

  • Would you like to edit your graphics, but don't know where to start?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, please read on.

This step by step, 9 Part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly and effortlessly create professional graphics pieces for you business or job.

Here's a list of this 9 part video series in more detail:

  • Video 01 - Introduction To Graphics Editing

  • Video 02 - How To Download And Install Paint.NET

  • Video 03 -Understanding Paint.NET's Features And Tools

  • Video 04 - Catchy Text And Mirroring

  • Video 05 - Catchy Shapes

  • Video 06 - Remove The Background Of A Picture

  • Video 07 - Layers To Make Your Editing Life Easier

  • Video 08 - Making The Software More Powerful With Plugins

  • Video 09 - Banners And Headers

Total Running Time: 1 hour 34 minutes

You don't have to take a special course at school or college to get this training. Simply watch this video course anytime you want at the convenience of your own home.

What You Get

The videos come with absolutely everything you need to get started with right away:

  • Private Label Rights

  • Sales Website And Thank You Pages

  • Video Demo To Increase Sales Conversions

  • PSD Source Graphics

  • Web Ready Flash Videos

  • Adobe Media Player (F4V) Videos

  • iPad Ready Videos

  • iPhone Ready Videos

  • iPod Ready Videos

  • Audios In MP3 Format

  • 140 Ecovers And Graphics

  • 14 Ecover Boxes, 14 Flat CDs, 14 Lifted CDs, 14 Standing CDs, 14 Standing Paperback Ecovers, 14 Flat Paperback Ecovers, 14 DVD Box And CD Combo Shots, 14 DVD Boxes, 14 DVDs In Sleeves, 14 Combo Shots (Just Like The Image Above).


FTP Warm Up

Quickly And Easily Transfer Files To And From Your Website.

Discover How You Too Can Quickly and Easily Setup Your Website, Transfer Files, And Maintain Your Website Without The Worries Of Being a Tech Savvy Person.

Here's a quick glimpse of what's in these 11 videos:

  • Warming Up to FTP
    If you're reading this, you probably want to get your website up and running now. Or you want to transfer some files right now! Hold on there just a minute. In this video you will learn the basics of FTP just to get your feet warm. We'll talk about FTP basics, what it is, and how it works.

  • What You Need To Have Beforehand
    While some of you already have bought a domain name and web hosting, many of you have no clue where to begin. So in this video, you will learn what you need to have before you get started. The goal of this video product is to cover every little hole or questions, so you aren't left in the dark. Besides the domain and web hosting, which will cost abut $15-20 to get started, we'll stick with free FTP tools, so it won't break your wallet.

  • Getting Your Website Setup For File Transfer
    Once you've acquired the domain, web hosting, and ftp what? At this point in the process, it's time to connect your domain to your web hosting company. What? No worries, you will be given step by step instructions to accomplish this. All you have to do is follow the mouse and do exactly as I show you; as you look over my shoulder. Once you've passed this part, everything else should be a breeze.

  • Accessing Your Login Information
    Obviously before you can connect to your FTP account thru the Filezilla software, you will need to get a hold of your login information. Once you have this, you will be set. In this video you will learn what you need to get started FTP login wise so you will be ready to go without the wonders of what you'll need next. Don't worry, this whole process does not require you to be technical savvy. In fact, you're almost done when you hit this video.

  • FTP Account Information In FileZilla
    Once you have your login information, you'll want to be sure to organize your account information within Filezilla. I have made many mistakes over the years, and this is one of them. Without the proper organization, you will become frustrated in the long run. Do it right this first time, and you'll make your life so much easier by saving time in the future.

  • Connecting To Your FTP Account In FileZilla
    You're almost connected! As the title states, you will learn how to connect to your FTP account so you can start upload the necessary website files to your website. You'll notice that as the videos progress, it becomes easier and easier as you finish each step. You're almost there. We'll also cover some problems you may face while doing so and how to overcome them.

  • Where To Upload To
    By now you're inside your FTP account or in simpler terms, you're inside your website. When you log in, you will notice a number of folders. The big question you may have is, which folder? Yes, there is a specific main folder you need to upload to, but you'll learn what to watch out for so that you can setup your website correctly.

  • Uploading Using FileZilla
    Now that you understand which is the main folder and where to upload to, it's time to upload your files. You're almost there! Aren't your excited? And the best part of it all, this part is a breeze. But besides just the task of uploading files, you will learn how to use the Filezilla manager and how to use it correctly to make your life easier.

  • Delete, Copy, Move Files, Creat Folders
    Just as the title states, you'll learn the basic things you can do while you are within the FTP program. You'll learn vital tasks such as how to delete a file or folder? How to copy and move files and folders around? How to create a new folder? And much much more.

  • Live Website Rules 101
    We've added these last two videos to ensure that understand how to get your site up and running. Now that you understand the basics of how to upload files and transfer them around your website, let's talk about basic website rules and cover questions and problems you may encounter while trying to make your site live. Such as "I can't get my site to appear on the internet when I go to!" and more.

  • Transfer Files Without FTP Software
    Let's say that you are traveling and you don't have access to your computer at home that has FTP software. Or let's say you have the files on hand, but you don't have access to that computer. Either way, there are ways to access your website without using FTP software. Now keep in mind that this video course covers Filezilla FTP software, however you can use any FTP software that you choose. In fact many FTP softwares are very similar to that of Filezilla. At the same time, you will learn in this video, how to transfer files, do everything you could do without Filezilla and more thru your browser.

Total Running Time: 46 minutes 29 seconds

What You Get

The videos come with absolutely everything you need to get started with right away:

  • Private Label Rights

  • Sales Website And Thank You Pages

  • Video Demo To Increase Sales Conversions

  • PSD Source Graphics

  • Source Videos In AVI Format

  • Web Ready Flash (MP4) Videos

  • Theater "All-In-One" Web Video Version

  • Adobe Media Player (F4V) Videos

  • iPad Ready Videos

  • iPhone Ready Videos

  • iPod Ready Videos

  • Audios In MP3 Format


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