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Multi-Media with Rights!

Video is HOT These days. What better way to learn a skill or concept than to have it shown to you step-by-step.

In our Multi-Media section, we offer you numerous video tutorial selections and series that come with private label, master resale or resale rights. We also offer many informative audio selections (mostly in mp3 format), which also come with resale rights.

You are, of course, free to profit off of the marketing of these videos, but I urge you to also take full advantage of the great content in them as well.

What You Get in a Typical Package:




NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Getting Started Online

Power Packed Video Vault

Fill In Your Missing Knowledge Gaps With These 75 Crystal Clear How-To Marketers Power Video Tutorials

A comprehensive set of 75 tutorial videos which walk you through all the important tasks of internet marketing

Do you find it difficult to make money online because there are simply so many nitty gritty tasks that you have to master?

Maybe you've often wished there was a video vault which contains all the tutorial videos for the most common topics of Internet marketing...

If that's what you've been looking for, the "Power Packed Video Vault" is exactly what you need!

There are 75 videos in here, each showing you how to accomplish a specific task. Simply watch it, remember it, and cross it off your list. Or simply watch all of them and come back to them when you need to!

It's just like having your very own video version of the Library of Congress!

With the "Power Packed Video Vault", you'll receive instant access to

You can easily refer to this set of videos whenever you face a problem of not knowing how to do something...

Even if you are an advanced marketer, you could even pass these videos to your own outsourcers so that they can help you complete any of the tasks required.

You can also boost your online support desk with these videos to help your customers or prospects with the tasks as well!

Let's take a look at the full set of 75 Power Packed video tutorials that you'll be receiving.

Here's the details of what's in the Power Packed Video Vault...

Video 01 - How To Register A Domain Name
Video 02 - How To Choose & Register With A Web Hosting Provider
Video 03 - How To Set Up A Nameserver For Your Domains
Video 04 - How To Upload Files Via FTP
Video 05 - How to Register A YouTube Account And Upload A Video
Video 06 - How To Register And Use Skype
Video 07 - How To Setup A Free WordPress Blog
Video 08 - How To Setup And OptimizeYour Twitter Account
Video 09 - How To Add PayPal Order Buttons To Your Website
Video 10 - How To Use Google Trends
Video 11 - How to Use Jing To Take Screenshots Of Any Website
Video 12 - How To Check Your Stats Using AWStats
Video 13 - How To Create A FaceBook Fan Page
Video 14 - How To Set Up MySQL Databases For Your Website
Video 15 - How To Setup An AWeber Autoresponder Account
Video 16 - How To Quickly Create Your Own eCovers
Video 17 - How To Cloak An Affiliate Link With TinyURL
Video 18 - How To Set Up Domain Redirects
Video 19 - How To Optimize Your Website Title Tags For SEO
Video 20 - How To Host Your Website For Free
Video 21 - How To Register A Flippa Account
Video 22 - How To Create A Zip File
Video 23 - How To Create A Download Page
Video 24 - How To Create A PDF File
Video 25 - How To Surf The Web With Complete Privacy
Video 26 - How to Register For A Forum And Edit Your Forum Signature
Video 27 - How To Setup Google Analytics
Video 28 - How To Submit An Article To An Article Directory
Video 29 - How To Import And Export Gmail Contacts
Video 30 - How To Determine Your Website's Alexa Ranking
Video 31 - How To Check For Plagiarism
Video 32 - How To Check Your Website Backlinks
Plus 43 Other Important, Informative Videos!!

What You Get

The videos come with absolutely everything you need to get started with right away:

  • Resell Rights

  • Sales Website

  • Flash Web Videos

  • Audios In MP3 Format Recorded At 320KB/s

  • 7 Different Sized JPG's On A White Background Of Each Of The Different Graphics Below (70 Graphics)

  • 7 Different Sized Transparent PNG's Of Each Of The Different Graphics Below (70 Graphics)

  • 14 Flat CDs Centered, 14 CDs Left Turned, 14 Left Tilted CDs, 14 Flat Right Turned CDs, 14 Right Tilted CDs, 14 Standing CDs, 14 DVD Boxes, 14 Right Facing Boxes, 14 Left Facing Boxes, 14 Combo Shots (Just Like The Image Above).


Newbies University

Venturing into the world of Internet Marketing can be a confusing and frustrating challenge, especially if you are brand new to online business, and aren’t quite sure where to begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

For many, they spend countless hours in front of their computers, doing everything possible to successfully crack the code, only to end up back at square one, no further ahead, and no profit to show for their hard work.

This is why "Newbies University" was written.

To provide newcomers with a clear-cut strategy for making money online by dissecting the most important aspects of Internet Marketing and breaking it down so that it is easy to understand, and more importantly, put into action.

Here's a more detailed look at this step-by-step course:

  1. Video 1 - Introduction to Newbie's University

  2. Video 2 - Choosing Your Niche Market

  3. Video 3 - Keyword Research

  4. Video 4 - Setting Up Your Shop - Part 1

  5. Video 5 - Setting Up Your Shop - Part 2

  6. Video 6 - Affiliate Marketing Profits

  7. Video 7 - Quick Traffic Generation Tips

Grab your copy of the Newbies University guide to making money online, and within a few short hours you will be equipped and ready to start your online business, headed in the right direction - towards profit!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rightsto this Product.



The Ultimate Making Money Online Crash Course

"The Ultimate Making Money Online Crash Course" is an entire video coaching program that walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start making money online right now!

  1. Video 1: Getting Started In Your Journey

  2. Video 2: The Truth About Traffic

  3. Video 3: Affiliate Marketing Riches

  4. Video 4: Product Empire Riches

  5. Video 5: Making Money Providing Online Services

  6. Video 6: Picking Your Profits

  7. Constant Updates

This is a 5 week workshop where each week you will learn a different strategy that will allow you to start making-money right away.

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rightsto this Product.



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