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Resale Right Products

These are exactly what the title above says; products you can resell as your own or, in some cases, give away.

Two types of rights are offered: Master Resale Rights, meaning you can resell the resale rights to the product, and regular Resale Rights, meaning you can resell the product itself, but not the rights to it.

Almost all of these products include ready to sell websites and custom graphics.
They are great to use as stand alone products, bonuses for other products or as opt-in lead generators.
If you plan on bundling them as a bonus, just make sure that you abide by the author's terms.

What You Get in a Typical Package:


NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Business Building


Outsourcing For Your Business

The costs of not understanding outsourcing are just too high!

You have to know what to consider when determining what’s best.

This ebook will show you exactly what you need to do to use outsourcing effectively.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • Outsourcing basics

  • Determine what people are best for your work

  • Decide what should be outsourced

  • Use project tracking

  • plus much more!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



Infinite Sales

In this ebook, you will find a list of 100 different tips that are designed to help you increase the sales of your business. Of course, most tips in the list are general in nature.

Therefore, these tips are applicable no matter what business you are in.

What's exactly inside this guide? 

  • 100 different ways to increase your sales - online and offline

  • How to make additional sales more efficiently

  • The power of upselling and cross-selling with every product/service you sell.

  • How to offer freebies and make profit at the same time.

  • How to advertise more effectively

  • Using the "Perfect Timing" tactic to see in influx of sales!

  • + many, many more ways, tips, tricks and tactics to further increase your bottom line!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



The Secrets To Hosting Teleseminars

Teleseminars are hot! But most people would never think of setting up their own. “I’m not technical,” people might say, or “That kind of stuff is too complicated for me.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you know enough to start your own business, you know enough to conduct your own teleseminar. Don’t be intimidated by thoughts that it must be too hard for you.  It’s not! You can use the power of teleseminars to establish your brand as an authority in your niche and continue to attract new leads and prospects.

"The Secrets to Hosting Teleseminars” will show you exactly what to do.  You’ll learn:

  • How teleseminars can boost your bottom line

  • Why anyone can learn to do teleseminars

  • How to attract the right speaker

  • The role of teleseminars in your marketing plan

  • How to pick the right topics

  • Tips on pricing and scheduling

  • Technological issues

  • Why being “fancy” could be a hindrance

  • And much, much more!

“The Secrets to Hosting Teleseminars” will take you from being a complete novice to a seasoned, confident teleseminar presenter.  Your business will never be the same! 

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



How To Create A Successful Marketing Plan

Become A Brand Within A Fortnight With A Successful Marketing Plan!

Is The Return On Investment From Your Website Very Low? Are Your SEO-SMO Tactics Not Reaping The Desired Benefits? What About Making Some Organized Efforts To Market Your Products Online?

Show Up on Every Search Result by Formulating an Effective Marketing Plan

Detail your objectives, identify your target market and connect with your customers with a successful marketing plan!

Did someone tell you that social media optimization will give your website the necessary leverage? It is true that there are over 50 million Facebook users. It is also a fact that Twitter users send out over 1,000,000,000 tweets per weeks. However, promoting on social networking sites are just ONE way of branding. There are many other ways in which you can get more and more people to recognize your business… and this is possible only by developing a systematic internet marketing plan.

  • Learn internal linking to reach out to your potential customers, easily and quickly.

  • Formulate a winning link strategy and insure a high page rank on Google.

  • Add appropriate keywords, optimize your website’s content and show up on the first search engine results page!

  • Give a boost to your Alexa ranking and see a marked increase in the inflow of targeted traffic.

  • Strategize your ad placements, appear for every relevant search query and let people wonder why your business seems to show up everywhere in the online world!

  • Learn the tricks of getting high turnovers on very low investments.

  • Become an undisputed leader in your field within a matter of weeks.

  • Sit back, relax, see your internet business take wings and all your dreams come true!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



The “Must Do's” Of Branding

Achieve Business Success Through The Right Branding Strategy!

Have You Been Struggling To Create A Unique Identity For Your Organization? Does Your Logo Truly Represent The Value You Create For Your Clients? Would You Like To Know The Secret To Formulating A Strong Branding Strategy?

Become A Leading Brand In The Market With The Right Branding Strategy

Identify your target market, create a brand image and connect with your customers with a successful branding strategy!

Did you ever consider the potential of branding on the internet? Did you know that 30% of the world’s population uses the internet? Out of this 30% nearly 43% are on Facebook, and 19% on Twitter. However, social media is just ONE way of making your brand presence felt on the internet. There are MANY other ways to optimize your brand recognition… and this is possible by adopting a focused and systematic Branding Strategy.

  • Learn to think analytically about your approach to branding.

  • Conceptualize the perfect logo, tagline and image for your product.

  • Strategize your advertisement layout and visibility on the internet marketing. Choose the right platforms to display your brand logo and tagline on.

  • Learn the tricks of catching the attention of your target consumer group.

  • Understand how to maintain your brand image consistently.

  • Give your business a jump start by creating the right advertising concept for launching your brand.

  • Become a leading brand in your industry in a matter of weeks.

  • Sit back and relax, as your internet business takes wings and all your dreams come true!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



How To Build Effective Sales Funnels

Learn how to make your business more successful

Ever Wondered How To Boost Your Sales? Having Difficulty With Getting Your Customers To Pull Out Their Credit Cards And Making A Purchase? Been Struggling With Generating Enough Leads? Wondering How You Can Convert More Leads To Sales?

Equip your business with a more powerful strategy to increase sales and make more money

Did you know that out of every 100 enquiries, only 38% are typically converted into sales ready leads? Of these sales ready leads, merely 39% become qualified prospects, and of those only a measly 29% actually convert to actual sales? So this means that out of every 100 enquiries, only four are converted into sales. So, how do you give your business a new lifeline? How do you boost your leads and direct more of them to the cash register?

If you have been wondering how to make your sales skyrocket, you’re about to discover the answer.

  • Make your business more successful and watch your product or service sell like hot cakes

  • Get more people to be interested in what your business has to offer

  • Convert a higher number of targeted customers to hot prospects and convert a larger percentage of prospects into regular customers

  • Generate higher revenues and have sufficient funds to invest into growth

  • Increase the productivity of your sales team

  • Scale your contacts and sales pipeline rather than increasing your sales team

  • Develop a manageable cost structure that suits your needs

  • Set up an optimal sales team and get improved results

  • Get a higher Return on Investment from the sales team and sales process

  • Get more sales opportunities and more appointments with people in the decision making roles

  • Capture and retail more customers and see your business flourishing

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



Sales Dynamite

 21 Proven Ways To Explode Your Sales Through The Roof!

Inside this report, you'll discover:

  • 21 ways to boost your sales, no matter what product or service you're selling!

  • How to place opt-in boxes strategically to double or triple your sales

  • How to writer powerful headlines to attract visitors and make them buy

  • A cool little way to make extra sales without much effort

  • + much, much more!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



26 Business Building Software Tools

26 Business Building Software Tools

Introducing: Your New Team Of Robotic Tools That Will Work Around The Clock To Bring You More Targeted Traffic, Customers, And Sales!



Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rightsto this Product.



Software Maker Pro

ATTENTION: If You Want to Virtually Guarantee You’ll Be One of the Elite Internet Marketers of the Future Then Don’t Close This Page Until You’ve Read Every Word…

Here's How You Can Instantly Gain an Almost Unstoppable Edge On Your Competition, Increase Your Sales Conversions, and Build Your Profit Margin to Massive Proportions with This Incredibly Powerful Secret Tool… In Less Than 60 Minutes From Now You Can Be Creating Your Own Money-Making Software without Knowing a Single Thing About Writing Code or Without Having to Hire One of Those Expensive Programmers.

Imagine Being Able To AUTOMATICALLY Create Professional Looking Profit-Pulling Software Applications In Just 9 Incredibly Simple Steps... all in About 30-60 Minutes!

New to Internet Marketing? That fine too! Because Software Maker Pro is designed so even the newest of marketers can use it without difficulty. There are no codes that you have to enter and figure out on your own. You won’t spend hours on complicated programming tasks or writing code. Just pop in a recipe and voila… you’re just a few clicks away from creating your very own software application any time you want!

Plus, we’ve included an easy-to-understand quick start guide that will show you exactly how to get the most out of your software maker and maximize your income at the same time! You’ll truly be amazed at all the things this one piece of software can do.

Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights To This Product, along with Professional Graphics and Sales Materials. 



Marketer's Doctrine

Your Comprehensive Guide To Making Money Online!

Even if you have absolutely no experience in internet business, and you have virtually no funds to invest in an online project, you can STILL make money online... and best of all, you can get started in less than 24 hours with less than $20 in your pocket!

This is the ONLY online business starters guide, you will ever need...

Marketer's Doctrine" - Complete Guide To Internet Marketing

Whether you are interested in creating your own high profit digital products, reselling products, affiliate marketing, list building or traffic generation, the Marketer's Doctrine reveals every strategy that has been proven to work!

Discover how you can start making money regardless of your experience, location or skill set. When it comes to making money online, the true freedom and flexibility is unrivaled by anything else.. It's time for you to take control of your own financial destiny and focus on working for the one person who counts - yourself!

Here is just a little of what you'll discover...

  • How to build mailing lists of thousands of hungry buyers! Max out your email marketing with fresh leads, absolutely free! These strategies are so effective, you will be able to start sending out email promotions within only a few days!

  • Create an online empire selling digital products! No overhead, no costly investments, no nonsense! Use existing material to power up your business, instantly!

  • How to develop an online reputation as an authority in ANY niche market! If you truly want to make a fortune online, you need to brand yourself as a leader in your market. Follow my simple strategy guide to guaranteed success!

  • How to set up your very own online business in just a few short days at VERY little cost! Creating a successful business doesn't have to cost a lot of money if you follow my proven grass routes formula that will have you up and running in 48 hours or less!

  • Find out how you can instantly generate an unstoppable flood of traffic to your websites, absolutely free! NEVER pay for traffic again, you'll have more than you'll ever, ever need!

  • And much, much more!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, along with Professional Graphics and Sales Materials.



Outsourcing Magic

Find Out How You Can Instantly Boost Profits While Eliminating Your Workload With An Army Of Outsource Agents!

  • Discover how you can save time and money developing a success team of qualified outsourcing agents!

  • Outsourcing doesn't have to be expensive. Find out how we've actually saved money by outsourcing!

  • We'll share our most valuable resources with you! Find out how you can instantly locate the perfect freelancer for ANY project!

  • Take advantage of cheap "gig" sites and make money online while eliminating your workload!

  • And Much, Much More - all inside of this FREE report!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this Report.



Offline Assassin

Did you know that you can generate a 6-figure income just by helping internet businesses develop an online presence? It's true, not only is this opportunity extremely lucrative but there is VERY little competition to ever worry about!

Imagine this for a moment: You contact a handful of local companies who could benefit by having an online website.

These companies know nothing about the Internet much less internet marketing or advertising but they DO respond to the idea of maximizing their income and opening up their doors to fresh, new business.

So you quickly negotiate a deal where you are paid a few thousand dollars for setting up their website and getting them online. YOU take this project, push it out to seasoned freelancers, sit back and collect the payment while not ever having to do a single thing but make the deal!

If you don't know how to do any of the actual work - you don't have to! You just get paid for "brokering" the deal and hiring it out to professional developers, marketers and freelancers!

This isn't some pipe dream or fantasy - it's a real life scenario that takes place all around you every single day.

Savvy marketers and online entrepreneurs know that every offline business can benefit from taking things to the next level - exposing their business to a global audience of buyers.

Once they present this opportunity to local businesses, they go into an absolute FRENZY anxious to hire anyone who is willing to help them.

And this is where YOU come in.

Introducing... "Offline Assassin"

These techniques are capable of making more money than ANYTHING else you have ever tried, and believe this.. It will be the EASIEST thing you ever do online!

  • Find out exactly how to set up your entire business without ever having to spend or invest a dime of your own money!

  • The fastest way to jam another $1,000 into your bank account this week PER client! (10 clients and that's $10,000 minimum crammed into your bank account)

  • If you want to make $5,000 or more a month from a single client, you MUST do this

  • The #1 most important component in every successful deal! (do NOT forget this if you want to triple your income and ENSURE client loyalty so they keep coming to YOU)

  • How to build a massive client list without having to spend any time cold calling or being turned down! (These strategies for for anyone who HATES selling)

  • The simple 2-minute offer that can generate $3,400 each month from just ONE client without you ever having to do any of the work!

  • The easiest way to instantly maximize your income by developing a 'system" that has everyone else doing all of the work FOR you!

  • How to position yourself so that YOU are the "go to" guy for every local business in your area! People will be knocking down your door, desperate to hire you!

  • My insider strategy for generating recurring paychecks from every single client! (this strategy is NOT revealed anywhere else and is the fastest way to build a consistent 6-figure income!)

  • And Much Much More!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, along with Professional Graphics and Sales Materials.



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