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How To Have Healthy,

Beautiful Skin For Life

Beautiful Skin: It Shouldn't Be a Secret.

We all want to look our best but, unlike most Hollywood stars, most of us do not have access to a qualified professional to set us straight on what to do about our wrinkles and sagging skin.

There is so much conflicting information out there about skin care; which products the most effective? Are lasers, facial peels, and plastic surgery safe? What about Botox and fillers, can you get too much? Are there anti-aging alternatives that really work?

When it comes to good skin care, you need to be an informed consumer. Yes, some products definitely work better than others. Some procedures get rid of fine wrinkles but not deep lines; others do just the opposite; still others can do great things for that fold from the nose to the corner of the mouth, but nothing for drooping eyelids or forehead lines. In short, there are many wonderful treatments out there to help you attain beautiful skin, but you have to choose wisely.

That's the goal of these expert reports: to demystify skin care.

Beautiful skin shouldn't be a secret, and achieving it need not be a mystery. Sometimes the newest techniques are just what you need, and sometimes time-honored treatments turn out to be the best.

No problem! We now have the trusted, expert advice you have been seeking.



No part of us gets more attention than our skin. We scrutinize, scrub, slather, and lather. We focus on every change, line, and blemish.

A huge industry make that a multi-billion-dollar industry has evolved to address our skin concerns. No matter what you're self-conscious about, there are dozens, nay hundreds, of products and practitioners competing for your business. All of them clamor for your money. All claim to be just what your skin needs.

So what does your skin really need, anyway? What's the best way to clean, moisturize, and tone? You'll find answers to all these questions, plus many more, in the reports below.



Getting Gorgeous. Every woman wants to look her best. She wants to be told she looks beautiful.

When we are younger this usually only entails cosmetics and hair. How can you choose the most flattering cosmetics? What's the best way to care for your hair and nails?

As we get older, cosmetic procedures may come into play. This is where it is important to be an informed consumer. Consider that, for a chemical peel, you're hiring someone to paint caustic chemicals on your face. If you choose laser therapy, you ask a doctor to burn away part of your skin.



Sometimes you can't help noticing the changes in your skin. Every time you glance in the mirror, there they are: freckles and age spots; tiny broken blood vessels; skin color that grows ashy, sallow, or dull; lines that start out faint and slowly deepen over time.

Perhaps you've been telling yourself, It's only to be expected. I'm getting older, after all.

Well, good news! Many of the visible changes we call aging are not inevitable. In fact, often they're preventable; they result from our own actions and reflect how we treat our skin through the years.

Coming up in Part 2: taking control of how fast and how well your skin ages.



Good health is the best beautifier of all. But sometimes, through no fault of your own, skin problems occur. In

Part 3, you'll learn how to protect your exterior against the challenges life hands you.

A few of these challenges you're born with, like moles and birthmarks. Others, such as acne, first plague you

during adolescence. Some are exciting (pregnancy), others less so (cold sores, warts, poison ivy). Some, like skin cancer, require medical treatment.

I cover a wide range of situations in the next six chapters. The common theme: They all affect your skin somehow. You'll learn about practical ways to prevent them, treat them, and restore your skin to radiant health.



In no aspect of skin care is being an informed consumer more critical than when considering cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.

Other treatments -- sclerotherapy to get rid of spider veins, collagen or fat implants to fill in wrinkles -- require injections that must be carefully and skillfully placed. And plastic surgery, no matter how beautiful the result, is still surgery.

This should not discourage you. The treatments covered in the reports below can do wonderful things for your appearance and self-image.

The point is, don't get scared; get smart!